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Product overview

Opto-packaging products comprise adhesives, encapsulation materials and complementing optical coatings. Inkron can also support in the actual packaging process. Inkron has a complete line of tools to manufacture LEDs and other similar components.

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Adhesives and thermally conductive adhesives feature excellent thermal stability and adhesion, very low bleeding, and good reliability. Three main classes are distinguished:

  • silver-filled adhesives
  • white, highly reflective
  • transparent adhesives
  • complementing structural adhesives and underfills


Inkron has a focused selection of special encapsulation materials for LEDs and other applications

  • ILE-501 Market leading high refractive index (RI 1.65) with very good barrier properties. Targeted on applications using red and IR light.
  • UV-curable encapsulant with robust fast curing.
  • Complementing ultra-thin barrier coating for harsh environments


Optical coatings have a crucial role in the packaging of the optical components,  optimizing the properties of the device at hand.  Inkron develops and manufactures optically clear low and high refractive index (RI) coatings.

  • Low refractive index (RI), optically clear, gap filling coatings. RI range from 1.1 to 1.4.
  • High refractive index coatings. RI range from 1.55 to 1.9x.

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