Inkron Oy is located near Helsinki in Espoo, Finland. Our core technologies are centered around polymers, particularly siloxane resin synthesis, and the continuous development of siloxane-based, application-specific formulations. The product materials are typically used in high-end photonics applications: AR/MR devices, 3D sensors, LEDs and others. Other industrial target applications include wearables and In-Mold-Electronics.

Inkron is a group company of Nagase, a Japanese stock-listed, almost 200-years-old company. The consolidated revenues of all Nagase-group companies are approximately 8.0 billion USD.

We are always interested in talented individuals. If you are experienced in polymer chemistry, photonics, diffractive optics, resin formulation or anything which could expand our capabilities and believe you could be valuable addition to our team, don’t hesitate to send in your CV.


Openings at Inkron