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Application overview

LED lighting solutions are everywhere around us. This trend continues with new innovations made in horticultural lighting, disinfecting lights, adaptive lighting designs and more. To optimize the reliability, efficiency and to enable the ever-increasing trend to smaller and smaller footprint designs are setting tough requirements for LED chip manufacturers. At the same time Micro-Led display development moves quickly forward and is expected to create fully new class of display technology finding applications in augmented reality applications among other.  Various 3D sensors (Time of Light and other technologies) are used in automotive (LIDARS) as well as in consumer electronics and security applications for face recognition and controls.  All these exemplary applications require high-class optical packaging materials; adhesives, encapsulants and underfills Inkron works with.


LED based lighting soultions are used widley in various applications besides the standard lights we see in side and outside. There are traditional backlights for LCD displays, but also more advanced applications such as horticulture lighting. The conditions of horticulutural lightning are nowadays designed very precisly to improve the growing conditions of specific plants by optimizing the wavelengths of light matching the species and part of plant illuminated. Automotive applications range from adaptive headlights to interior lighting solutions designed to enhance comfort and safety of the passangers. New approach are the health care related disinfecting lights applying specific wavelenghts of light to fight against bacteria and viruses.  Printed electronics industry is introducing large area flexible lights for interior design and advertisments. Inkron can support these appplications by its portfolio of thermally conductive adhesives and other packaging solutions.


Traditional LED displays are used for very big screens we see on the sports arenas and similar surroundings. Printed roll to roll electronics can possibly make this type of the displays more affordable in the future. Anyhow now many companies are expecting the emissive micro-LED displays. This approach is expected to offer high contrast, long lifetime and high viewing angle. Applications such as AR/MR glasses are especially looking for the benefits micro LED displays will provide over the currently used image source approaches (DLP ( Digital Light Processing) LCOS  (Liqui Crystal on Silicone) or Mems laser based systems). Inkron’s highly transparent adhesives, encapsulation materials and index matching NIL processable coatings do find several use cases within this application field. 


3D sensor markets are one of the fastest growing sectors of the optical sensor field. Markets of optical 3D Sensors such as Structured Light, Time of Flight and LIDARS are growing rapidly.  When the pixel level distance information is added to the traditional image sensing it is possible for the devices and electronics to “sense” the world around them. This opens multitude of application possibilities which are already with us in our everyday life. Applications such as Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) are enhancing the safety of our everyday traffic, face recognition sensors are used by our phones and security systems, not to forget the possibilities within gaming and AR/MR devices and also in several industrial or military applications. Inkron’s portfolio of optical packaging products portfolio offers several opportunities for the designer of these kind of products.

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