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Product overview

The materials for printed electronics applications form a complete package of conductors, dielectrics and adhesives. These products are fully compatible with each other.  There are inks for both screen printing and inkjetting. The products include highly stretchable versions and optically clear inks with the possibility to tune the refractive index. The conductors and dielectrics are complemented by structural adhesives and underfills often needed in In-Mold-Electronics. Inkron controls the whole process starting from the synthesis of the polymers to the final formulation, and so can quickly modify material properties to satisfy customer specifications.


Screen printable silver inks are available in several versions for different applications and curing types.

  • IPC-100 series inks are solvent-free, flexible and thermally extremely stable. UV-curing is offered as an option.
  • IPC-600 highly stretchable screen printing inks


These inks are supported by the matching dielectrics and adhesives.


The dielectric inks portfolio addresses both screen and inkjet-printing. Printable dielectrics feature UV- and thermal cure versions.
These solvent-free dielectrics are pinhole-free and thus provide very good insulation properties.

  • IPD-300 inks are flexible, highly durable inks
  • IPD-600 inks are stretchable and thermo-formable
  • IPD-350 is inkjetable, thermal curing ink

Optically clear high RI dielectric inks are available. Please get in touch with Inkron.


Adhesives include thermally conductive materials with excellent thermal stability and adhesion, very low bleeding, high brightness (LEDs) and good reliability. For printed electronics applications structural adhesives and underfills are essential. Inkron’s adhesives are fully compatible with the inks offered.

  • Thermally conductive adhesives (silver-filled, white and transparent)
  • Structural adhesives and underfills (silver-filled and dielectric) for applications requiring thermoforming and other demanding process steps

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