Die Attach Adhesives and Encapsulants

pr-thumb-01Inkron’s Die Attach Adhesives are siloxane-based solvent-free one-component thermally conductive adhesives. Characteristic features common with all Inkron die attach materials are long pot- and storage life, absence of voids and bleeding combined with high thermal stability. Typical applications are found within LED and semiconductor industries and anywhere else where thermal conductors are needed.
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Functional Inks

Inkron’s metallic inks and pastes are designed to meet the tightest customer and application related requirements. Inkron takes advantage of its unique integrated capability of in-house polymer and metal particle production and R&D by providing the best possible solution for a given application. The particle size of Inkron inks may be below 10 nm, resulting in low sintering temperatures and high conductivity. Applications and solutions such as ITO replacement, PV metallization inks and tunable work function inks ( for OLED’s) are worked with in different stages of development.
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Optical Coatings

Inkron siloxane-based nano-composite products are designed for optimization of the optical, electrical and mechanical performance of touch screens and printed OLED-displays and -lighting. The product portfolio includes most of the major components for a working touch screen i.e. anti-reflective overcoat material, printed conductors and transparent dielectric layers.

Antireflective coatings reduce surface reflections, haze and provide mechanical stability. The reduced reflection results in improved contrast and decreased power consumption of the device as the illuminance can be lowered. Simultaneously with the improved contrast the sharpness is improved as the light scattering is minimized.
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Imprintable coatings

pr-thumb-03.jpg Inkron’s siloxane based dielectric materials and encapsulants are highly transparent, one component, fast curing solvent-free polymers with excellent optical properties. As the manufacturing and R&D of these polymers are done in-house Inkron can offer a multitude of variations of these products. Dielectrics come as UV or thermally curable pastes according to the need. Also their optical properties can be tuned. Adhesion with metals, engineering polymers and ceramics is excellent.
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