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Product overview

The inherent properties of siloxane, Inkron’s main resin system are perfect for optics and optics-related applications and devices. The optical clarity of the resin systems combined with good durability and thermal stability makes siloxane the material of choice for a multitude of applications. Combined with Inkron’s capability to modify the polymers according to the application requirements this creates an excellent starting point for various optical designs. The final products are formulated in-house  to meet the application-specific demands.



Inkron’s optical coatings are Nano Imprint Lithography processable and used for application in diffractive optics. Applications cover AR/MR waveguides, 3D sensors, other NIL-based applications as well as general optics applications.

  • NIL processable resins, RI range 1.55-1.9x


These high refractive index materials are complemented by low refractive index coatings. Typical applications are seen in antireflection coatings, cladding layers, gap filling.

  • Low RI gap filling coatings, RI range 1.1-1.4


The external or internal light source may unintentionally illuminate the substrate edges, potentially leading to unwanted reflections within the substrate. Even if the black coating is used, refractive index (RI) difference with the substrate may lead to unwanted reflection. “Inkron’s Optical Black” can be tuned to match the RI of the client’s substrate, enabling nearly zero reflection even with the high RI substrates.


Inkron’s optically clear adhesives are equally thermally conductive. The refractive index can be tuned over a wide range.

  • Transparent, thermally conductive adhesives for demanding applications
  • Structural adhesives and underfills
  • Dual cure low RI adhesive

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