Optical Black Coating


The portfolio of IOB products covers the whole index range from 1.6 to 1.9x. The products are formulated to match the specific index targets. Typically, optical density (OD) and thickness are tuned to meet specific requirements. Also, the viscosity can be adjusted within the limits to meet the selected processing method. Typical coating methods are among other dispensing and jetting.

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Product Familiy  Product name  RI Viscosity (mPas) Optical Density (OD) Curing
​​IOB IOB-160 1.60 (adjustable) 107 (adjustable) 1-5 (adjustable) Thermal/IR
IOB-170 1.70 (adjustable) 214 (adjustable) 1-5 (adjustable) Thermal/IR
IOB-180 1.80 (adjustable) 350 (adjustable) 1-5 (adjustable) Thermal/IR
IOB-190 1.90 (adjustable) 400 (adjustable) 1-5 (adjustable) Thermal/IR