Inkron Targets the $20 Billion LED Market with New Product Line that Ushers in Quantum Dot and Flip-Chip Age

New ILE-500 encapsulant product line with industry’s highest refractive index increases light output efficacy of LED packages up to 10%

HELSINKI, Finland, May 5, 2015 – Inkron Oy, a leading manufacturer of advanced materials for the lighting, smart device, semiconductor and printed electronics industries, today announced its latest product introduction – the ILE-500 encapsulant product line. In an industry dominated by a few large silicone material providers, new product introductions are rare. Inkron’s exciting new product line represents a new age for advanced materials, now capable of enabling the high efficiency LED market, which is expected to exceed $20 billion by 2020.
Inkron’s new product line is well positioned for new packaging processes, including flip-chip epi, wafer-level and chip-scale level packaging. By leveraging its new class of proprietary siloxane polymers, Inkron is well positioned for an industry where the challenges can no longer be met by optimizing LED chips. Apart from showing high refractive indices, the new product has high thermal stability, transparency and superior environmental barrier properties. ILE-500 increases the performance and reliability of conventional lead-frame packages and enables advanced package types such as flip-chip and quantum dot LEDs.

ILE-501 – Highest Refractive Index in the Industry


It is well known in the industry that high refractive index encapsulants deliver major LED efficacy improvements. Inkron’s first product in it’s new encapsulant family, ILE-501, addresses this opportunity by providing a refractive index of 1.62 and 1.64 at 633nm and 450nm, respectively. This represents the LED encapsulant product with the highest refractive index currently available on the market. Independent evaluations show that LED packages with ILE-501 encapsulant yield up to 10% higher light output efficacy than identical packages formed with market dominating commercial silicone encapsulants.
ILE-501 distinguishes itself as well through high transmittance, thermal stability and superior barrier properties. For instance, aggressive accelerated testing at 190°C for 1000+ hours in air shows no degradation or yellowing. Furthermore, Inkron’s ILE products show up to 3x better resistance to air, water and sulfur gas diffusion than conventional silicone encapsulants. Our superior performance and better protection against environmental degradation enables use of novel wavelength converters such as quantum dots and narrow bandwidth phosphors. “We are excited about the performance improvements provided by our new class of siloxane chemistry and what benefits it delivers to LED packaging companies and end users,” explains Dr. Jyri Paulasaari, VP of Technology at Inkron.
Inkron’s LED product lines are based on a new class of proprietary siloxane chemistry with optional enhancement of novel nanoparticles, offering a technology platform to provide a complete packaging solution including LED encapsulants, light outcoupling layers and die attach pastes. The product suite encompasses materials with high thermal stability and dissipation, high transparency and superior gas barrier properties compared to conventional LED packaging products. A range of products with adjustable refractive index gives our customer the option to increase light outcoupling by closely matching the refractive index of the encapsulant to the die and the wavelength conversion materials such as quantum dots.
“As the changes in LED chips, packaging and wavelength conversion architecture have accelerated, the lack of new encapsulant products has created a bottleneck as new demands cannot be met. We are excited to launch a product that can address these challenges.” Said Inkron CEO Juha Rantala. “Inkron’s product innovations not only addresses these issues, but enables our clients to bring LEDs to the market place which provide higher efficiency and have a smaller footprint.”
About Inkron
Inkron is a developer and manufacturer of next generation materials for the LED, lighting, display, optical, semiconductor and printed electronics industries. Our proprietary advanced siloxane polymer chemistry capabilities, along with our cost effective manufacturing process for nanomaterials, enable the development of a wide range of customized material products with superior performance advantages in high-tech applications. In addition to Inkron’s own product development and offerings, the company also presents the opportunity to its customers and partners to conduct contract development and manufacturing to provide unique and optimized solutions to materials challenges currently not addressed by commercial markets.

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