Inkron introduces a solvent-free metallization product for the Internet of Things

MUNICH – LOPEC 2015 – 3/3/2015 Inkron Oy revealed its latest product offering providing a critical solution for the fabrication of low cost electronics for the Internet of Things including wearables and sensors. A study of high volume roll-to-roll printing of organic electronics revealed an Inkron product as the preferred material of choice.

In a publication in the January 2015 issue of Organic Electronics, authors by VTT and BASF highlighted Inkron’s IPC-114 product as the preferred material for the fabrication of the gate metal layer in a R2R printed organic transistor process. A key benefit of this product is its solvent-less nature thereby avoiding damage to the underlying organic device layers (e.g. dielectric and/or semiconductor) that often degrades the transistor performance when traditional solvent-based metal inks are being used. Further, the IPC-114 product is fully compatible with a R2R rotary screen-printing process and temperature-sensitive substrates, and provides metal films with electrical conductivity well exceeding the current requirements of printed organic transistors and circuitry.

Please visit us in Munich at LOPEC 2015 conference at booth #B0 102 to learn about Inkron’s offerings for advanced printed electronics applications

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