Inkron’s platform technologies:

  • Siloxane polymers and products based on these polymers
  • Formulation, coupling-technologies and additives of above
  • Technologies connected to nanoparticles and dispersions and their production

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Inkron introductory video


We’re attending the Printed Electronics 2018 event! Meet us at booth C10 to find out more about Inkron’s siloxane-based printable and stretchable conductors and dielectrics, optical quality coatings as well as material solutions for printed electronics and wearables, optics, semiconductor and OLED / LED applications. Inkron’s screen-print inks are solvent-free featuring pinhole-free dielectrics, UV curable […]

The Tampere University of Technology (TUT) and the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland are coordinating Finland’s largest research project in the field of stretchable electronics technology and production processes. Stretchable electronics can be integrated, for example, into products that monitor human well-being or measure performance as well as medical applications. ​Stretchable electronics pave the […]