New Things for the Internet of Things

Inkron Explains Its New Services, Products and Capabilities at“Printed Electronics Europe 2016”

Estrel Conference Hotel, Berlin on 27-28 April, 2016 – Booth F13. Inkron, the leading siloxane based electronics pastes and inks producer, explains its technology offering at the major printed electronics show in Europe – Printed Electronics – Europe 2016. The event takes place in Berlin on 27-29th of April, including talks from academic and business leaders accompanied by a trade exhibition and a series of master classes.

Dr. Juha Rantala, CEO of Inkron shall present a paper on Thursday afternoon discussing the utilization of siloxane and nano-composite chemistries for printed electronics and electronics packaging, with particular focus in optoelectronics applications. Additionally Dr. Rantala shall reveal the new service businessoffered by Inkron. The talk, titled “Printable Siloxane Dielectrics and Conductors – A New Class of Inks and Pastes for the IoT Era”, can be seen at 3:15pm on Thursday the 28th of April in Room 3 of the Estrel Conference Hotel.

The Inkron team will be available at booth F13 for you to learn more about Inkron’s latest printable solutions for the Internet of Things, Lighting and Smart devices. Inkron will be exhibiting details of their optical quality ink-jettable dielectrics, UV curable printable conductors and optical coating with one of the lowest RI’s (1.15) in the market. Inkron’s printable optical quality inks and pastes also offer high refractive indices for emerging display and lighting solutions reaching n-values exceeding 1.8.

Inkron shall co’ exhibit with Nagase Chemtex, EMS and Pactech which are all part of the Nagase Group of companies.

On the last day of the event, on Friday morning, Dr Rantala will give a lecture on the Master Class Session “MC16: Electrically and Thermally Conductive Adhesives”. A new class of thermally conductive siloxane based adhesive solutions and technologies shall be introduced within his speech titled “Thermally Conductive Adhesives for High Power LED Applications” These new adhesives also address the increasing demands set by the higher power requirements, emerging lighting solutions and miniaturization currently in demand in the market.

Inkron is a technology leader and manufacturer of next generation materials for the Displays, LED, Power IC, semiconductor and printed electronics industries. Inkron’s proprietary advanced siloxane polymer chemistry capabilities, along with our cost effective manufacturing process for nanomaterials, enable the development of a wide range of customized material products with superior performance advantages in high-tech applications.

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