Joint marketing agreement with Tactotek Oy

Inkron and TactoTek have entered into a joint marketing agreement. While already previously collaborating on a technical level through this agreement the parties from now on will also promote the synergy of their unique technologies. The promotion is centered around the TactoTek IMSE (Injection Molded Structural Electronics) –technology enhanced with Inkron’s solvent-free ink solutions. Inkron’s dielectric inks have shown outstanding performance in TactoTek process: the solvent-free ink with excellent thermal stability and stretchability has become the trusted workhorse of the IMSE process combining pinhole-free insulation with excellent processability.

Inkron’s new IPC-600 and IPD-600 series of stretchable conductive and dielectric pastes are targeted at application areas including thermoforming, embedded and printed electronics, smart clothing and wearables as well as other applications requiring excellent stretchability and thermal stability. Like most Inkron printing pastes, the 600-series materials are solvent-free and based on proprietary siloxane polymer technology.

TactoTek is a leading provider of solutions for Injection Molded Structural Electronics (IMSE) that integrate printed circuitry and electronic components into 3D injection molded plastics. Leading use cases include in-vehicle applications, home/industrial appliances, and wearable technology. TactoTek adapts customer designs to IMSE technology, develops mass production ready prototypes, and mass produces or licenses the technology for 3rd party mass production. For more information, please visit