Optical Coatings

Inkron siloxane-based nano-composite products are designed for optimization of the optical, electrical and mechanical performance of touch screens and printed OLED-displays and -lighting. The product portfolio includes most of the major components for a working touch screen i.e. anti-reflective overcoat material, printed conductors and transparent dielectric layers.

Antireflective coatings reduce surface reflections, haze and provide mechanical stability. The reduced reflection results in improved contrast and decreased power consumption of the device as the illuminance can be lowered. Simultaneously with the improved contrast the sharpness is improved as the light scattering is minimized.

Inkron’s dielectric coatings offer a range of Refractive Indices (RI) varying between 1.25-1.9 while providing a very high transmittance of >98 % over a wide spectral range. Inkron’s siloxane polymer layers with different refractive indices are fully compatible with each other as well as with ITO replacement surfaces paving the way to detailed optimization of the optical performance of the device. These antireflection coatings may be used with all the major coating processes and allow easy UV embossing or photolithography structuring. The polymers are UV or thermally curable and their adhesion and compatibility is excellent with most substrates.



Range of refractive Indices for RI matched touch sensors and optical device layers ( RI left) with exceptionally high transmittance

INKRON Product Benefits

  • Wide range of refractive indices from 1.25 to 1.90
  • Excellent transmittance
  • Fast curing, UV and thermally curable versions
  • UV or photolithography processing
  • Good adhesion to most common substrates including ITO, plastics and metals
  • Fully customizable


  • Antireflection coatings on touch sensors and optical devices
  • Optical index match adhesive dielectric for printed optical-electrical devices