LED Encapsulants

Materials in the INKRON ILE-500 product family are formulated encapsulation resins designed for demanding LED applications. INKRON’s ILE-500 series include both thermally and UV-curable organo-siloxane resins with multi-functional crosslinking reactivity, yielding films with high refractive index, transmittance and excellent thermal stability for effective extraction of light out of a wide variety of LED packages. High stability (e.g. maintaining high transparency over extended time at elevated temperatures) makes them excellent candidates for high reliability applications. ILE-500 series products exhibit essentially no out-gassing after cure. Excellent adhesion is achieved to metals, most engineered plastics, and to glass and ceramics. Viscosity can be adjusted to allow easy dispense in a variety of machine configurations.

  • LED encapsulation
  • LED wafer packaging
  • Wafer level optics
  • UV embossing and nano imprint

ILE-501 High RI Encapsulant

  • LED encapsulant with highest Refractive Index on the market
  • Pt-catalysed thermal curing
  • 1.65 @450nm
  • 1.61 @632nm
  • Improved light extraction
  • Two-component system

ILE-560 UV-curable Encapsulant

  • Pt-free
  • UV-curable
  • Fast-curing
  • Minimized settling of phosphor
  • Solvent-free
  • RI 1.55 (@633nm)