Conductive Inks

Inkron is a vertically integrated nano-metal company with several closely connected technology platforms needed for ink and paste development. Technology platforms such as in-house synthesis of siloxane polymers, metal and metal oxide particle production, nanoparticle synthesis and optimization of particle/matrix coupling allows Inkron to freely modify and integrate each aspect of the formulated ink and paste in order to develop the optimally formulated product for the given application.

Screen-Printable Silver Conductor

Inkron IPC products are highly conductive pastes for screen-printing. These silver-based pastes may be used as photovoltaic metallization pastes or with any other application where conductive lines are screen-printed. Like the IDA series also the IPC pastes are based on fully solvent-free siloxane polymers thus providing void- and virtually shrinkage-free print results.
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Inkjettable Silver Inks

Inkjettable silver inks with high silver content are tailor-made at Inkron . These inks feature conductivity close to that of bulk silver at sintering temperatures as low as 100°C. The ink range comprises inks optimized for most current substrates (glass, ITO, polymers).
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