Functional Inks

Inkron’s technology platforms include the in-house synthesis of siloxane polymers, metal and metal oxide particle production, nanoparticle synthesis and optimization of particle/matrix coupling. This allows us to freely modify and integrate each aspect of the formulated ink and paste in order to develop the optimally formulated product for the given application.

Screen-Printable Conductors

Inkron IPC products are highly conductive pastes for screen-printing. These materials may be used as photo-voltaic metallization pastes or with any other application where conductive lines are screen-printed. Like the IDA series also the IPC pastes are based on fully solvent-free siloxane polymers thus providing void- and virtually shrinkage-free print results.
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Inkjettable Silver Inks

Inkjettable silver inks with high silver content are tailor-made at Inkron . These inks feature conductivity close to that of bulk silver at sintering temperatures as low as 100°C. The ink range comprises inks optimized for most current substrates (glass, ITO, polymers).
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Dielectric materials

Inkron’s IPD-line of printable dielectrics inks and pastes is designed to combine high resolution printing with reliability. It is based on the proprietary siloxane polymer composition and produces transparent, flexible films. It comes in a solvent-free version for screenprint and a version for inkjet printing. Both UV-curable and thermally curable versions are available.

ProductCuring MethodVolumetric ResistanceComments
IPC-114Thermal ~130-150C0.000035High conductivity screen printable ink
IPC-131UV ~2 J/cm20.0004UV curable screen printable ink
IPD-322Thermal ~130C>10×1010Screen printable white dielectric ink
IPD-326Thermal ~130C>10×1010Screen printable transparent ink
IPC-307PThermal ~130C<0.000007Inkjettable silver ink for plastics
IPC-307GThermal ~150C<0.00002Inkjettable silver ink for glass
IPD-350Thermal ~130-150C>10×1010Inkjettable thermally curable dielectric ink
IPD-370UV ~0.5 J/cm2>10×1010Inkjettable UV curable dielectric ink
IPC-603Thermal 130C/15min>0.000025Stretchable up to 100%
IPD-650Thermal 130C/15min>10×1010Insulation strength up to 60% stretch